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Endometrosis and PCOS

Hi all,

I am 24 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS last October after not having any periods once I had come off the combined contraceptive pill. I have just about managed to cope with this as I am massively into my health and fitness and being diagnosed triggered off anxiety.

In the past six months I have been getting pain particularly in my lower pelvis on the right and sometimes on the left. After numerous visits to the GP they told me they think its endrometrosis but can't diagnose it properly and basically to come back when I want to try for children (I am single, and still doing university studies so this is years away). I am really struggling to cope without any support. I have had an ultrasound and that didn't show any cysts from endo just normal pcos cysts.

My diet particularly is becoming an obsession and I'm trying to constantly self diagnose through Googling etc. All my doctors tell me is to eat healthy and exercise which frustrates me as I have always been into my health. It doesn't help when the Internet has such contrasting views particularly on what I should and shouldn't do in terms of food. Did anyone else feel completly isolated?

I'm also terrified that I will be infertile and the fact I could be 6 years away from finding this information out makes it hard to cope with. It's completely consuming my life. I just feel like I need to know more information about how to cope with symptoms, slow down endo progression and what my chances are of getting pregnant when I want to try for a baby. Can anyone help?

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Also, my pains are literally 24/7, does this indicate that my endo is more advanced?? Thanks


Hi, I think you may need to shop around for another GYN. It doesn't sound like they are being aggressive enough about your condition. You really wanna take care of the endo before you wanna start having Babies. I'm 36 and just completed an endoscopy and can't wait to get prego. Seriously start asking some friends that are just a little older than you for a good GYN


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