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Bladder trouble after lap

Hoping for some advice! I had a lap to remove endo 9 weeks ago. Since then I've had at least 3 episodes of what seems like cystitis. I've been plagued with cystitis throughout my adult life so can recognise the symptoms but recent years have seen much fewer episodes (maybe one every 2 years instead of 3 a year). I was diagnosed with endo last October after having an emergency appendectomy (the endo had literally crushed my appendix) and this was followed by a week in hospital due to further infection.

However the 2nd lap went well (haven't seen the surgeon yet) I am lucky to not have had any lesions in my ovaries but my pelvis was covered. Has anyone else suffered with bladder problems? Is this usual? Thanks

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Hi, I have an extremely irritable bladder and I'm sure it's because of my endo. I suffer from urgency, frequency and pain. My life literally revolves around the toilet. My specialist believes that bladder endo most commonly arises from deeply infiltrating endometriosis of the ovary. However, Just from reading in posts I see that a lot of women can have lesions on the bladder/ureters without having ovarian involvement. Does your specialist know that this has been a problem. In the meantime It could be worth visiting the GP for a urine spec just to cover your bases. None the less, my bowel and bladder habits definitely changed after my first lap, and took a while to settle down (not that my irritable bladder ever did).

Good luck.


Hi, thanks for the reply. I did visit the GP who found an infection so I've just finished a course of abs. He suggested that I keep a diary up until I see the specialist again as I haven't seen him since the lap so only really have my discharge notes to go by. It's good to know that you say things settling down after a while. I'm not sure whether I aggravated things by trying to start running again too soon. Thank you!


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