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2 days Post Opp

2 days Post Opp

I'm 19 and had my first laparoscopy 2 days ago in which they removed endometriosis from my left ovary and Douglas pouch. Obviously I expected to be in pain after the opp but I didn't expect to be in so much pain to the point where I can't even bend down to tie my shoes or lie on my side. Is it normal to be extremely sore? I'm also very swollen to the point where I look pregnant and the left side of my stomach sticks out more (presuming this is from where they removed the Endo) but im just not sure what's normal and what's not. How long till the pain will start to ease?

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I was the same. It may be the gas they pump you with?


The way you are feeling is pretty normal. It's a big op. You will start to heal quickly but don't push it too much.

I was able to sleep on my side just about day four, it wasn't comfy but it meant I could sleep a bit longer.

I hope you recover well. X


Hi there! Sorry you are feeling rubbish. I'm 22 and had surgery a month ago to remove endo in similar places.

I looked just like you, very swollen, painful to bend over etc. I'd say really avoid bending over, lifting anything, using your stomach muscles much at all for about 2 weeks.

I sort of over did it after a week and I got more swollen and was very tired.

I had mine a month ago tomorrow, I had two nasty infections after also, but I'm healing really well, incision sites all healed up. Bloating has gone down, but by the evening I look pregnant again!

Bloating will last weeks and weeks, partly from gas, partly from recovering from surgery. The surgery was in a very tender place effecting lots of organs, swelling means you're healing. Wear loose clothes, drink plenty of water & rest. Feel better soon!


Hi there,

Yes it's normal to have so much pain - it is a big op. Your tummy is just bloated because they had to pump in gas to blow it up like a balloon for the surgery. It enables them to see what they're doing which is a great thing! The downside for you is that it make take a few days to dissipate and the gas can cause some discomfort in your tummy/shoulders. Try taking peppermint tea - it helps.

The bloating is also due to surgical trauma to your body and everything starting to heal up.

The pain is always worst in the first few days - a wk after surgery. You will probably still be feeling ropey for weeks 2-3 post surgery but by 6 - 8 wks you should be pretty much back to normal, though everyone is different.

Be patient with yourself. Now is a time to be pampered and take it easy, the pain will pass and your tummy will look like you again. It just takes time.

Hope you feel better soon xx

P.s. Agree with advice above - don't do any heavy lifting/strenuous activity until 6-8 wks. I moved house 3wks post surgery - ended up with a hernia! (not too troublesome but I'd rather not have it lol)


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