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Getting closer 4 SLEEPS

4 SLEEPS till my hysterectomy, to CURE me............

I'm really getting nervous now but excited to, I can't help worry that my pain is caused by ENdo that hasn't been dealt with properly, although I havnt gone through a bsge centre my sergeon is a specialist in laparoscopy snd Endo, so I'm hoping he got it all out last time, and it's now the adenomyosis causing my probs,

Fingers crossed

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Best of luck! Keep us posted, wishing you a speedy recovery x


Best of luck hun, x


Hi hun.

I think it is normal feel worried thar it's you endo and not your adenomyosis.

I woke up from my laparoscopy and

Could still feel the same pain that I was experiencing prior to the laparoscopy.

I said to my boyfriend straight after the operation that I could feel it burning in the same place and he said to me that it was probably healing but I just knew that this pain wasn't going to go away. If anything my pain has been worse since laparoscopy.

Do you know how bad your endo is? Have you ever had a Laparoscopy prior to this for endo.

I am keeping

As you know I'm on Zoladex at the moment to check that it my womb and not my bowel as I'm also having bowel problems.

That is what scares me most waking up after hysterectomy and still being in the pain. I'm trying to be positive and hope that I will wake up this time and feel the pain has gone.

What time is your operation hun?

I am keeping everything crossed for you hun.

Let me know how it all goes for you xx


I must have had adeno as well as endo, because the pain from where my uterus was is gone since my hyster. All my endo pains are still in their normal places sadly, but at least i am 75% pain free. And I will take that. ;)


Hi...I am 3 weeks post op today...total hysterectomy, ovaries out and part of bladder removed. All done by keyhole by specialist team......amazing job, 5 cuts but all nearly healed already just the insides to heal now.

I had catheter and stents removed yesterday.....ouch not pleasant but bladder seems be working ok, just a little smaller so doesn't hold as much.

First week is the worst, take all the pain relief they offer you......feeling pretty good now though so don't worry about it and make sure you do nothing when you get home...I was out on day 4.

Good luck.....I was like you, couldn't wait to get it all sorted, so far so good xx


Thank you Winny woo, I'm glad your recovering well, fingers crossed for us both, xxx


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