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Sex&Period Problems - Help! 😁

im 17 and i had sex for the first time 6 months ago. now i am getting irregular periods - the second month after i had sex, i didnt actually have my period; when i do have my period, sometimes its more than once in a month and it starts as spotting then goes heavy then goes normal (well, like that). Please help me! I hope someone can help me. I also hope im not alone.

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Have you been diagnosed with Endo? This is actually really common for people who have been diagnosed, I've suffered with irregular periods for 5 years now. Go and see your GP if your worried though x


I had really irregular periods. Sometimes every 3 weeks, other times I'd go for 6 months without even spotting. I had to go on the pill to sort them out, is that an option for you? I'd been on various pills for 3 years and eventually stopped taking them for a year and my periods seem to have sorted themselves into their own routine (every 6 weeks). Then I got pregnant and had a miscarriage and they became every month for 10 days. Now I'm on yasmin to help with hormone levels and its not as bad. I have a break every 3 months which seems to work for me

Good luck and hope you find a way to help you soon xx


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