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Adhesion, endo pain. Help 😢

Iv had 3 laparoscopies recently one being feb this year onli the pain is worse than before i had the recent op, i saw gyne consultant who said he won't operate again the pain is unbearable i dont know if my adhesion or endo has got worse again but i cant keep taking painkillers. Can anyone offer any advice i would be really grateful :(

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Hi - do you know where you had/have endo and is it a general gynae/obstetrician who has been doing these surgeries? Are you in England? This sounds totally inappropriate treatment. x


Yeah it was a gyne surgeon 3 diff hospitals for each one yeah im in uk i had quite bad endo with stage 3/4 adhesions (4 being the worst) i went doctors yesterday and basically im now stuck on long term pain relief, im 25 i cant be on that, its ruining my life :(


Bless you. You are not stuck on pain meds. You are being treated completely against NHS protocol. You still don't say if you are in England as the treatment protocol is different in Scotland, Ireland and Wales but you still have options anywhere in the UK.

We have specialist centres now and have had for 5 years for severe endo. Click on my name and have a look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo to see if you identify with the symptoms of deep rectovaginal endo and the post on how to access a specialist. Please be sure to click on all the links.

You need to request a referral to a specialist centre and must not accept this appalling treatment. Equip yourself with knowledge and take control of your treatment plan from now on. PM me if you have any problems. x

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Thankyou yeah im in england our nhs says alot doesnt it iv been told my chances of having children are slim to none cause of my tubes aswell


Don't take too much notice of what a general gynaecologist says if they think leaving a young woman of 25 full of endo with the only option on offer being pain meds for life is anything to go by. A specialist surgeon will not only aim to excise all your endo but will treat preservation of your fertility as a priority too. Can you pm me with the area in England that you live as even the centres vary in their level of expertise and you do need to be seen at a top one. You can go anywhere in England underNHS Choices. It would be useful to obtain copies of the surgical reports from your 3 laps to get a picture of where your endo is. You can obtain these from your GP practice for a small fee. It really is important that you have knowledge of what is going on in your body. x


Hastings hun


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