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Cerazette to control pain for 15 months. So far so good until last month

Hi there I have severe endo, having had four ops for rectovaginal endometriosis. I was put on Cerazette mini pill last year, but for three months no bleed, then ten days ago started to bleed but terrible stomach aches for the last month now. Does this mean that this pill is not withholding the endo anymore? I have horrible feeling like I used to where the gnawing pain is present all the time. Any thoughts gratefully received. I will of course go to doctors also.

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Hi :)

I had this problem when i was on Micronor (a sister pill to Cerazette). I found it to work fine for about a year, and then i found my pain was becoming more and more frequent and it was definitely worse. It does seem as though the hormone just sort of gets used to it :(

Glad your going to your doctor, I'm sure they can advise, and maybe try a different pill.

Hope this helps

Emma Xx


Thanks Emma, I think I've been in denial for last couple of months. Yesterday slayed me. I will make appointment today. Sorry to hear you felt the same. I just don't want the coil, heard so many negative things about it for women with endo.

Take care and best of luck to you,

Natalie xx


Yep i was in denial for a long time too :( Its just horrible knowing its not worked isn't it!

I was advised to have the coil by my gynae but i refused too, i just don't want something stuck inside me - at least with the pill you can just stop taking it!

I hope your doctor gets it sorted for you :)

Emma Xx


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