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6weeks post surgery

Hi. It's 6 weeks since my surgery to excise the endo and remove my ovarian remnant. I had the Mirena inserted at the same time. I still seem to get tired really quickly and I am worried that I should be fully recovered by now? I am also getting a lot of low back pain first thing in the morning and and cramps. Could this just be because the coil is settling down and if so does anyone know how long this will take? I have had a no. of surgeries so far and it was hoped the coil would prevent a return of the endo so I don't want to give up on it unless I really have to! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ax

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I had the mirena after my second lap, my Dr advised to wait 12 weeks to see if it settled down (it didn't for me and I was bleeding all the time and in pain but everyone is different) so I would wait a few more weeks whilst it settles and hopefully the cramps etc go


I am in the same situation of wanting the coil to make a difference and wanting to give it time to work! I got mine back in January, I would say it took about a month for it to settle. I then had a couple of great months with no pain but unfortunately it's back!

In your circumstance, I would perhaps get the coil checked and make sure it is in the correct place etc at first instance (I'm sure it is) and hopefully things will settle from there :)


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