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Endo worse as you get older??

Hey ladies,

I was diagnosed with Endo last year (only mild), and i had a lap done to remove the bits they found! I have since been controlling it with the mini-pill again, and most of my symptoms are under control thankfully, although obviously we all have our bad days/weeks!

I was just wondering if anyone found that their Endo got worse as they got older? Am i under false pretences that this has all gone away now!

Obviously everyone is different, but it would be really great to see what you think!

Thanks, and hope your all having a pain-free day!

Emma Xx

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The general consensus is that it is usually found to be worse in older women but this is likely due to it having been suppressed by medication and pregnancies leaving it to progress before it is diagnosed. But then there are certainly lots of young girls on here presenting with deep and severe endo from the start and others of any age who only ever have mild endo that is completely kept at bay or even regresses completely with hormone medication or holistic treatments. As you say we are all different and everyone's endo is different so this combination results in an infinite range of variables. A lot of women like myself only have their endo triggered when they come off the pill after many years and are suddenly subjected to mid cycle high oestrogen levels again. Just follow your instincts and be guided by your body. x


Thanks Lindle, as always, really helpful :) x


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