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I was diagnosed last year (ages 22) after years of terrible periods. After my op I was put onto the mini pill to help control things.

Im not sure how linked it is but I suffer so bad with my hormones, i feel they control me! Ive been put on Cerezatta pill which is meant to stop periods to therefore help my endo, however, i keep spotting and bleeding to the point where i had a period every other week! With this, my hormones are everywhere. I want to cry sometimes and worry about everything, to the point where I panic about my relationship and just EVERYTHING. As soon as I come off my period, things seem better. Therefore, my overthinking (which makes me feel metal) is directly linked with hormones.

I just wanted advice on ANY supplemeants or treatment you may have used that helped with hormal moods and anxiousness? I currently take vitamin B6 and Evening Primrose Oil.

Thanks in advance! x

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Hey :)

I was put on Cerazette about a year ago, and had exactly the same symptoms your describing. Unfortunately i cant take the normal pill (the one you take for 21 days and then the placebo), so I'm stuck with just taking the mini pill. I think this is not my 4th or 5th type of mini pill, and it finally seems to be helping!

You've given your body enough time to get used to the hormones the pill is giving you, and if its clearly making you anxious, upset and just generally feeling rubbish, then i would speak to your GP and ask for a different pill. I remember the feeling that Cerazette gave me, and it was truly a horrible horrible time....depression, anxiety, crying non stop, sleeping non stop! I went to my GP and explained the problems, and how i would like to try a different one, and we found another solution.

Hope this helps :)

Emma Xx


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