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Cataminial endometriosis

Hie ladies,

It's comforting to be in this group to have people who finally understand what one goes through.

I was diagnosed with endo in my early 20s and was told it had gone bad and that chances of conceiving were nil. Then in 2006 my lungs collapsed and since then I've had 6 episodes. 2012 I was refered to a cardiothoric surgeon who performed a plurectomy.

I conceived end of that year unfortunately had a miscarriage in the early stage, I was devastated.

In 2013 I conceived I again was told there was no way the pregnancy could hop and was told to go home and wait for miscarriage to take course but by Gods grace inspire all that my baby held forte. October of Thayer when I was 4months in the pregnancy my lung collapsed and the palaver began.

No one knew what to do my surgeon literally moved in hospital so he can be nearby in case things got worse, phoned all the lung specialists worldwide to present my case and no one had an answer. I got worse as my breathing deteriorated and he made a decision to operate. I was told the baby will come out because of the nature of surgery after hours on the table I woke up to my baby's heartbeat it was surreal moment.

Only when I was attending my neonatal appointment I met a Obs ngynea who diagnosed me with Cataminial endo, where endo spreads to the lungs so towards of after cycle it affects the lung then it collapses. She said I was lucky to even have concieved.

I'm April 5 I gave birth to a bouncy baby boy against all the odds.


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