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About 6 months ago I had a suspected cyst rupture, and when I got everything checked an discussed my symptoms I was put forward for laparoscopy for Endo.

I was hospitalized twice for right abdominal pain. Often resulting in me not being able to stretch my right leg out as I got a ripping sensation inside and was in agony.

My lap showed endo, it was treated with helica lazering and my right ovary and bowel were merged together and took a lot of lazering and they said the ovary was healthy. That was 6 weeks ago.

I have sneezed and stretched twice leaving me with the exact same ripping pain, and agony after and my consultant said it was due to the raw lazered skin becoming a bit stuck together and it would settle with anti inflams. But it's the same pain I got pre op, and I should be fully back to work now and I can't. I am on light duties and my pain Mon tues wed this week was horrendous. And now it's back again today. I feel sick, my jaw aches from gritting my teeth and I'm irritable from pain.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on. I should be back to physical work (I work for ambulance service and have to push heavy wheelchairs and carrychair people up and down stairs) and I am not. I am exhausted, I sneeze and am in agony for days, and I shouldn't be in pain if I go by my consultant. Xx thanks in advance.

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You may have got post op adhesions I had bowels ovaries and uterus all bound together and they put in what I can only describe as a meshy gauze to try and stop it adhering again after surgery. Keep on at your consultant the only person who knows your pain is you insist on an ultrasound or further investigations. they cannot just ignore you especially if it's afectinf your job. Try talking to your gp too if he or she is approachable. They are able to write a letter to your consultant expressing they feel something needs to be checked over again. Good luck and keep at it you will get there , and remember you know your body best xx


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