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Feel deflated!

Well after working all my life through many years of pain, depression, urinary incontinence, bowel disturbances, surgery and not to mention the heart ache with loved ones I gave up my job as a dental nurse because it became far too much and went to university in 2013 to study for something that I could cope with. Unfortunately due to having a subtotal hysterectomy last year under general gynaecologist who missed the endometriosis I now have to have more surgery under a multi disciplinary team to try and right my insides as best they can. This has led me to suspend my studies until next year as I am looking at 2 ops, my consultant has written a letter to my GP stating by no means should I be working or studying and therefore I am now on long term sick. I have put in a claim for ESA but have been refused due to my husband being on industrial injuries and incapacity benefit. I feel so deflated we have 2 kids to support and a mortgage to pay. It wouldn't be for ever and probably wouldn't be that much. I feel so deflated when I have worked hard all my life not sure which way to turn now especially when I have to travel to Stockport from Stoke on Trent for my hospital appointment's. If anyone knows of any help we my be entitled to I would really appreciate you getting in touch x

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I'm so sorry you are having to go through this!

There is a website called fightback for justice. They are run by a lawyer who used to work in welfare. They offer free welfare advice and some services for a suggested donation. Even if you don't have a donation, they never turn anyone away and will still help as much as they can.


Some ladies on here have approached citizens advice to help.Others have written to their local mp, which does seem to help. I know that most endo people fail the medical but some women on here have appealed , gone to a tribunal and had a successful result. I know that your circumstances are slightly different (with your hubbie)..but you might be able to appeal.

I feel the same. I've been working since I was 15. I'm 28 now..living on morphine..still not 100% clear what's wrong with me.. and this is the longest I've been off work ever. I've been reading up about some endo ladies experiences with applying for esa/other help...and it's a disgusting system.

Someone I know used to work in finance helping people deal with unexpected financial troubles- and they gave me a company to call. They used to be called the consumer counselling service. They've recently changed name to stepchange:


This company offers free, impartial advice on what help you can get. You may be entitled to some housing benefit or council tax break. This company also mentions things you might not realise, like your phone company will reduce your bills for a while to help you and other stuff like that.

Honestly, it's terrible when you've worked so hard and then when you fall ill you are treated as some kind of scrounging liar.

I hope that some of this helps


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Thankyou so much, I've only just seen your reply as I've been away but I will definitely get advice from both companies much appreciated and you're right it is a terrible system xx


No problem! I hope they can help



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