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Trying to get back to normal

Hi girl's... I underwent a lap for removal of Endometriosis 6 weeks ago. It was a rather big op (2hrs on table) but I heal pretty fast so I've being back to normal activities for the past 4 weeks. Its not the first time I've had the op. Lol

They fitted a merina coil and I was in constant agony for 3 weeks until Dr gave me something to stop bleeding and the pain stopped too.

However... I feel like a totally nut job. I'm stressing over everything, getting angry, sobbing at random times and generally feel rubbish. I'm a single mum of a 3 yr old and I'm getting cross with him for doing his usual crazy stuff, but hate myself when I tell him off. We make up pretty fast but it still hurts me that I'm being so short with him.

My boyfriend is getting the brunt of it. Ive convinced myself he doesn't find me attractive anymore and I'm constantly picking tiny fights with him (and he's just taken it on the head and being amazingly supportive)

Anyonee else had these mood alterations??


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I had the mirena about 5 years ago and only had it in for about 6 weeks before I begged the Dr to take it out. I had terrible moods swings, was crying constantly and bleeding. I took a pregnancy test every week because my body was telling me I was pregnant (daft I know but that's how I felt)- my boobs hurt and I had morning sickness - as soon as I had it out all my symptoms stopped.

Hope it works out for you


I had a mirena coil fitted in nov 2014, spotted for 6 weeks the stopped bleeding altogether, hasn't taken the period pains away tho and I'm back to spotting horrible brown blood.

My moods especially when I first had it in were terrible, I just felt so angry all the time. My mum has said she's not sure how to be with me anymore and my boyfriend gets exactly the same treatment as yours, it's horrible it's uncontrollable! It takes the slightest thing to put me into angry mode and then I can't get out of it and after a few hours I'm in floods of tears and feel really sad. I think the whole thing with endo is emotionally exhausting x


Also had same as Claire and thought I was pregnant every week, it has settled down a bit but not much. I gained 10lb in a month aswell, I think the coil takes a long time to settle in x


Yes I have however it did stop my periods after a few months but after that I still got the symptoms every month with a bit of phycosis so had it out after 1 year but after my last op 2 weeks ago I'm giving it another go so fingers crossed. X


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