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Desperate to get back to normal following laparoscopy!!!


Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice.

I am 3 and a half weeks post op and was signed off work for 4 weeks.

I actually got so bored and went back to work today because I miss it (I’m a loser I know lol!). I’ve had constant dull pains but nothing major, but wow the effect it had on my body today was crazy! I was in pain all day long (stomach, legs and back) and painkillers didn’t help. My body is still aching now and I feel absolutely exhausted.

I’m a retail manager, which requires me to be on my feet all day moving quickly to make customers happy. My store gets very busy and I’m literally moving from one end of the shop to the other a lot, so it is quite an active job.

I want to get back to normal!! What would you all advise? I would have thought I’d be better by now.

Is there anything I could do to speed up the recovery? Would physio help? Or any other therapies or anything you would recommend?

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Hey. It takes around 3 months to heal internally, as described in this link, so go easy on yourself you just need to be patient and give it time xxx

As you have a physical job perhaps you could get your GP to recommend a phased return with part days with your employer while you rebuild your strength?

jjinadu in reply to Starry

Thank you for the link and wow 3 months!! That makes sense then! I’ve read stories about people going back to work a week or 2 after and thought I could do it today but I guess everyone is different. I have an appointment with my GP on Wednesday and I’ll definitely ask him about a phased return to work! Thank you xx

Starry in reply to jjinadu

I don't know who these week or two folks are but they probably have desk jobs.

It's common to be longer, people react to the GA sometimes. A friend told me it takes about a month per hour you're under. I was under an hour and half and then 5 hours the second time. I took 6 weeks and over 6 months (continuing) after mine.

I would also add that since you have been off work I imagine you've been much less active as you've been recovering so it's possible also that your body has got a bit out of practice of being active and your muscles have got a bit lazy. I took two weeks off work when I had mine and in the third week I went for a fast walk and was so sore afterwards because I was basically unfit from having to lie down all day recovering for two weeks! So take it easy as much as you can but bear in mind you should gradually get back to normal and your body will have to get used to actually moving about and doing things as well as working hard to heal you on the inside! Good luck xx

jjinadu in reply to Lilloise

Thank you. I will try and go for some fast walks over the next few days! Xx

Lilloise in reply to jjinadu

Oh bless you don't tire ourself out! I just meant lying down all day means it takes a while for your body to get used to activity again. Hope you are feeling much better soon! X

I literally just posted with the exact same message. It's so frustrating! I also work long hours on my feet and am finding this hell!! I've been told under no circumstances to go back to work yet so don't have the option.

Well done for going back, maybe you have rushed it s bit going back so soon! But I'm in the same boat. I don't know how people cope when you're dying to get back to work.

Sending hugs and hope your next shift goes better xxx

jjinadu in reply to Hannah27

I feel your pain - it is very frustrating! I just want to be back to normal already! I will not be going back to work now until I’m completely better, as today was too much for me. I hope your recovery speeds up too xx

Hannah27 in reply to jjinadu

That's a good idea, it's so difficult when we all want to be better. I hope work are understanding and you have their support?? Xx

I had my op 2 weeks and 3 days ago.

I started to feel ok but now I’m in agony, back to having to sleep upright on my back, can’t lay on my side and just so sore and tired!

My work have been absolutely awful, they are trying to guilt trip me into going back in on Saturday, I really don’t feel up to it!

I was signed off for 2 weeks initially and saw a doctor on Tuesday who signed me off for another 2 but she was useless, she got me to do a pregnancy text cos I was in pain?!?! I’m scared I’ve got an infection or hernia? Do you think I should ring the hospital?

The doctor I saw was the worst doctor I’ve ever seen on Tuesday!!!

And I feel guilty not going into work on Saturday but I would probably be expected to be driving around and stuff(estate agent).

I told them recovery would be 2 weeks so maybe that’s why they are angry, so stressed and worried!!!

Sorry for such a long post! Needed to vent! Xx

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