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Abnormal bleeding for 12 days

Around the end of April I was told by my gyne to use the contraceptive patch continuously for 12 weeks then have a week off, to help control my endo. 7 weeks in I started to bleed quite heavily despite using the patch correctly. I've now been bleeding for 12 days it's going light to heavy to brown discharge then heavy again, and there's a lot of bad pelvis pain too. A couple of times I thought it had stopped (almost 24 hours with no bleeding) but I'd do something like walk around a shop and I'd start to get bad pain and bleed again. This is really concerning me now :( has anyone else experienced this and what did you do? I'm going to the drs tomorrow but I'd like to try and ease my mind in the mean time.

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Hi, I wasnt on the patch, but my gyne told me to take the contraceptive pill continuously with no breaks. About 4-5 months in I had the same bleeding and pelvic pain as you, but stupidly I ignored it for 8 weeks, literally just been to see my gyne this week. And he explained the pill isn't working to control the endo, so need to swap to something stronger like the Mirena coil which works more locally, or the injections that last 3 months and put you into menopause temporarily. (You take add back HRT with this) I'm trying for a baby in 3-4 moths, so no point in having the cool put in, so instead I'm having 1 injection of zoldex this week. Don't leave it, go to see ur gyne not your General gp if u can xxx


Thank you very much, my gp is terrible I told them I had abnormal bleeding and they wouldn't see me said they couldn't until Tuesday so I'm stuck for the weekend now :/ hopefully I can see my gyne sooner than my next appointment which isn't til August. But I'll definitely not leave it x


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