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Contraception advice

Hi all,

I am looking for some advice on what contraception may be best for me.

First a little bit of background...was diagnosed at 18 (Now 22) and had some endo removed when I was 21 but not all of it could be removed because the surgeon found it on my bowel (which I wasn't prepped for and so it had to stay in there). Shortly after my surgery I had the implant put in my arm to see how I might get on with it, 9 months later my pain was back with a vengeance and my gp said that she would not refer me back to the specialist until I had the implant out. I had had the implant out for 8 weeks and during that time I was hospitalised with the pain I was getting. They then decided to give me morphine for times when the pain was at its worst (I'm also on codeine daily). While I was waiting for an appointment with the specialist I went on Yasmin as a temporary method of contraception because I couldn't handle the pain that came with being on nothing, but it made me completely mad as well as irrational and almost depressed so I stopped taking it after two packs. I have now seen the specialist and am back on the waiting list for surgery to remove (hopefully) all of my endo.

Back to my point, I am looking into what contraception to try next. I have found the implant has been the best one I have tried so far but because I did experience some bad effects from it (5/6 week periods) I was wondering if it's worth trying something similar but slightly different. I have looked a little into the injection but have heard some negative stories about it, also knowing what I can be like emotionally on hormones I am a little sceptical to try it.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any stories/experiences that they wouldn't mind sharing about different contraceptives they have tried.

Apologies for the long post but any advice would be greatly appreciated

Charlie x

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Hi Charlie,

I have found the mirena coil had work well for me as it stopped my horrific periods. It took about 3 month to settle but had 2 years period free.


Hi Sam,

Really appreciate your reply. Having the coil put in is always something I have been against but I am starting to feel like it's something I should consider as i'm running out of options. My behaviour seems to alter quite drastically when i am on hormones so I am wondering if the copper coil is something i should look into, although I have read some bad stories about it!



The mirena coil only has a tiny amount of hormone in it. I think this is why it has worked for me as all the pills have too much hormone in them and I get nasty side effects.

I did get a bit depressed not long after I started it. No idea if it is connected but many people say it is. Also a lot of people say they put on weight.

Which I did but I had a bad diet then so I blame that.

The only advice I will give you is it doesn't stop endo. Mine got bad at the start of this year. 2 years with the coil. But I get no period so I'm sure that helped a lot.

Good luck with what ever you decide to do.



Hi Charlie - why hasn't your doctor investigated your endo further as masking it with hormone medications and pain killers isn't a solution. You need to be referred to a specialist endo centre where they can deal with what you have at its root by excision surgery rather than fruitlessly trying the control symptoms. You are still young enough to take control of this before it progresses further. Click on my name and look at my first post on endo and the one on pouch of douglas endo to see what you identify with and the one on how to access a specialist. x


Thanks for your reply Lindle.

Perhaps I should have explained my situation a little further but didn't want to go on and on...I was referred to the endo specialist in my area when i was 20 and had excision surgery when i was 21 but they found more endo inside me than what was initially diagnosed. When I had my diagnostic lap (when i was 18) endo was found in my peritoneal cavity but the second lap (for endo excision when i was 21) it was discovered that it was also on my bowel. Due to me not having a bowel prep prior to this surgery, it could not be operated on and therefore left in me. As i still have extensive endo in me, my first round of excision surgery made little improvement, hence the various hormones and painkillers I have been prescribed since then as the specialist was hoping I wouldn't have to have further surgery for 5 years or so because of the risky area the endometriosis has developed. Unfortunately the pain has become to great for me to bear anymore so I'm going for more surgery to remove as much as possible this year.

I am in direct contact with an endometriosis specialist and I am waiting my second operation with them in the next few weeks after having a pre-op assessment earlier this week so I have no worries about that, was just looking for some contraception/hormore advice and personal experience as I am yet to find one that works for me.

Kind regards



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