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Pain 5 months after lap

Iv been suffering pelvic pain week leading up to my period and when I got my period been heavy also passing lots of clots my bleeding usually lasts about week but this period has lasted nearly 2 weeks and pelvic pain has been really bad have phoned my dr and she told me to up my pain relief I'm awaiting to be seen by gynaecology but not till September but dr is trying to get me seen quicker I'm just want to know if anyone has had bleeding for this length of time and if it makes them really tired

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Hi. I go through this also in mass pain. Im going to make appt with different gynecologist to get answers as mine wont do anything about it and its now become disabling and I dont have the ovarie where pain is anymore which dont make sense,.so get into who you can hofefully sooner then Sept and tell the appt gal youve been bleeding so long and really hurt bad and need in quicker, but I know how they make you wait anymore...ugh..also you may be anemic so have your labs checked and that could be why your more tired and b12 level.I just had mine done for close to same reasons and they came back negative and now am on shots and supplements to get energy back. Goodluck and keep us posted :-)


Thanks for your reply yes my blood level has come back ok on vitamin b12 also on tramasatic acid for the clots but not helping much looking into natural remedies but soon as I hear anything and hope you get on ok to keep me posted on what's happens hugs xxx


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