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New here, could do with some advice

Hi, I'm 22 and I suffer from quite severe endometriosis. I struggle most days to get up because the pain is so bad. Does anyone have literally any suggestions of anything that could help? I've had two laparoscopies which seem to have made things worse (and I knew that was a risk) but literally anything that might help would be great

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Hi - when you are still in severe pain after two laps this suggests that your endo wasn't treated thoroughly. When was your last one and where was endo found at both? Were you treated in general gynaecology or at a specialist centre? It is usual to be first treated in general gynaecology in which case deep endo can so often be missed. If it has already been defined as severe this indicates that you should be seen in a specialist centre where they can treat you thoroughly. Click on my name and look at my first post on the many symptoms of endo and the one on Pouch of Douglas endo to see what you identify with, and the one on how to find a specialist. I strongly suggest you get a referral for a second opinion. x


Have you ruled out Adenomyosis? I've had extensive excision by leading specialist and feel worse. I know from his internal obs and MRI and symptons its most likely I have adeno


U need a new doctor. I had 3 with no results until I found an experienced doc. Remember estrogen will stimukate endo. Make sure your birth control has more progesterone than estrogen.


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