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New here - need advice!


I have had painful periods pretty much since I started them when I was about 14. They are so bad that I cannot get out of bed on the first day of my period, I often leak through no matter how much I change my tampon and I have headaches for about 2 days before I start every month!

I had an ultrasound on my stomach to see what the issue is and they found nothing, however, I seem to have all the symptoms of Endo.

Has anyone else gone through this? I don't know how to get more tests done to finally get a diagnosis of why I have such bad periods.

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Yeah this was my story too, still ongoing as the general gynaeo seems to want to do anything but diagnose! I'd push to see a specialist with your GP, you're entitled to a second opinion and the only way to diagnose is surgery, so don't be disheartened by a lack of anything on the ultrasound! x

This is how I felt. Finally i went to my gynecologist Dr. who informed me that I will need to do surgery -Laproscopy, D & C, Hysteroscopy. 2 weeks post op and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I recommend you see a gynecolgoist or specialist

Thanks for your replies, it's nice to know I'm not on my own with how I'm feeling, sometimes I feel like they think I'm lying or something! I will chase it up and try and get a second opinion x

Don't let them fob you off. Have a look for a specialist near you (preferably one who uses excision to remove endo) and ask for a referral to them for a diagnostic laparoscopy.

Good luck! X

Only way they can diagnose is through a laparoscopy. Persist, keep going to your GP and demand a referral. For months they threw all sorts at me and in the end I was right. A woman knows her own body. All the best.


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