MRI Done and Dusted

Well ladies, I have just had my MRI this morning.... what an experience. I have had them previously for my foot and knee so I have never fully been inside the machine apart from today.... not an enjoyable experience. Trying to lie still, when your back is in pain and stomach is creasing up is rather difficult but I couldn't be sedated as I needed to go back to work.

On a brighter note, I am hoping that they will find something to explain the pain.

Hope all is well with you all xx

2 Replies

  • The mri is horrible is it ! I don't want another one of those any time soon xx

  • OhhH I Hated having my MRI! I was all like 'Yeah no problem...No I'm not worries, I've got this!'. MAN that hole is tiny hahaha! I had to literally close my eyes the entire time and 'go to the beach' hahaha. xx

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