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Finally it's here!

I am going in tomorrow for an op to remove the endo finally! I don't know the extent of it, I don't know exactly what will happen of the results. I have a gynae surgeon and a colorectal surgeon doing the op. I don't know if I am staying in overnight m of where they will finally tell me if I can have children. I am b relieved that the op is finally here as it took a lot to get it but I am also afraid of the possibilities and maybes. Wish me luck ladies and I will keep you posted.


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Good luck lovely! YOu sound so similar to me 4 weeks ago! I also had endo specialist and 'assologist' as I like to call them hahaha! My surgery took 4 hours and I was kept over night. I was told my tubes and ovaries are clear when they did the dye test. My endo ws stage 4 so quite extensive but it went very well. I hated all the unknowns before hand but it worked out so well for me and I am recovering well and looking forward to trying for a family in the fall! Good luck lovely and feel free to message me if you have any other questions!


Thank you Sassy that is good to hear. I may well message you when I'm recovering if anything comes up I'm unsure of.

The best of luck with your family plans xx


Good luck hope all goes well x


Good luck today. Hope all goes well.


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