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Keeping endo at Bay - What can I do other than Birth control?

My endo was removed in March after a successful op. So thankful to my consultant.

My worry now though is what can I do to keep it from returning? As I am running out of contraceptive options. I cannot take the combined pill back to back as I get migraines and fainting episodes and now on my third attempt on the mini pill ( cerazette) I am being left with chest acne and oily skin again...it's too depressing to stay on!

What can I do? Mirena has the same side affects as mini pill so I won't try it. Anyone have any tips?



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My understanding is that with proper excision of all endometriosis lesions the likelihood of re-occurrence is very low. Unles you are younger than 25 in which the sites may not have developed to a mature visually evident disease or if you were on suppressive hormones prior to our surgery.

I don't tolerate hormones either. Unfortunately i have not had endometriosis excision specialist and 5 surgeries.

I do suggest that if you notice your still hormonal affected by pain that you follow a endo friendly diet.

i personally believe that the pill is counterproductive of treating endo. It is designed to treat the symptoms but not the disease itself. So reducing all estrogen stimulating protegladin production activists like animal fat, soy, for example could help a great deal.

See the endo resolved website for the food eliminations to consider.

Congratulations on your surgery!

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Hi, I had a mirena coil fitted in December, I don't get on with the combined pill. I found that by February I had acne on my face, chest and back a lot worse than when I was a teenager. I was getting really down and went to see my gp she suggested I tried zineryt it's a topical lotion. She said it would take up to four weeks to work but 3 months later I get the odd spot and not on my chest or back so it might be worth seeing what your GP suggests.

I hope you get it sorted soon as it just makes you feel worse about everything.



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