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Prostrap - have I ruined my chances of a baby!?


I've recently been released from hospital again after another bleeding ovarian cyst being found. As it's the second one in 3 months they suggested I go on prostrap until my operation in September time. I agreed because the pain is insane and I cannot be a human being. So I've had my first injection (monthly) and as it's only been a few days obviously the pain is still rife. However I've been reading some posts on here and I'm now terrified that I've ruined my chances of even getting half a shot at getting pregnant after the surgery by using it! Have I fucked up? I will stop it and go back and forth from hospital until the op if that's whats going to give me the best chance.

There's no concrete information and I'm always too bloody high on painkillers when I see a consultant.

Please can anyone help!!

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