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Prostap 3 for endo stage 4 still in pain especially before my period would of been due

Hi I found out a few months ago I have stage 4 endometriosis. I have just had my 2nd prostap 3 injection which I have 3 monthly for 12 months. I am still in pain more or less every day especially the week coming up to when my period was due, and each month around that time I have a bit of spotting I am worried the injections aren't working can anybody help?

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Hi Anita

Were you seen by general gynaecology or in specialist endo centre? Where was your endo found and what was done? With stage 4 you are likely to have it in your Pouch of Douglas at the least with adhesions involved and this should only be dealt with in a specialist endo centre. Prostap is not usually effective for this stage of disease. It might help reduce inflammation from the endo itself but when you have adhesions they are made of physical tissue that pulls on other structure and often puts pressure on nerves. Prostap can't ease that pain. Only thorough excision will aim to resolve that. Click on my name and have a look at my post on POD endo and the one on how to access a specialist. The standard NHS contract confirms that you should only be dealt with in a centre with stage 4. With regard to prostap, it can have serious side effects and is no substitute for proper treatment. The symptoms will return when you come off it. Can I ask how old you are. x


Hi thanks for replying, I'm 35 I had always had very bad periods but never thought it was anything to worry about. I went to a family planning centre to have a new coil put it after having hard time trying to put it in they opted for 5 year 1 this was last may. Then my pains got worse I finally got referred to a gynae by a locum Dr and was sent for a ultra sound. They found I had a cyst on my ovary I was then sent for biopsys and a change of coil they put Mirena in to lighten my bleeding. The cyst was monitored and it kept growing I was then sent to a cancer specialist gynae who I am still under as my grandma who is still with us had ovarian cancer at 34. In March I was taken in for a laparoscopy that's when they said is was a chocolate cyst which they ruptured and that I had stage 4 endo even though cancer not an issue they have not referred me to a endo specialist and put me on 12 month prostap injection which I have every 3 month and hrt.


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