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Endo and my contraception hell

When I was 16 I was put on the combo pill for my period pains. That lasted 3 days before I was throwing up and very weak. That experience put me off contraception but when I met a crap boyfriend who wouldn't wear a condom I had to try another form - should have just dumped him would have been easier.

I was 21 and although I had experienced much period pain I was told it was normal or due to stress by my doctors. So I tried the Patch but it gave me a rash. Necause I couldn't have a pill as I was told it would likely upset my stomach again I went on Depo. For 5 blissful years I had no period, no pains but felt numb. My libido was non existent. When the time came to come off it I was very emotional and the doc thought I had depression so tried to give me pills but I refused to take them. A year followed of no contraception and awful period pains which lasted 3 weeks a month. My belly button discharged but after antibiotics it cleared up and I forgot about it. When I found out about Endo I pushed my docs about it. I had to change docs several times because I wasn't taken seriously. One doc said "What do you want me to do about it?"! After finally getting an ultrasound I was told there was a shadow around my uterus so sent to a specialist in Cromer. He was unfriendly and didn't seem to have time for me. He told me he couldn't feel anything when he pressed on my pelvis so didn't think I had Endo! He told me he didn't want to give me a lap as I hadn't tried all contraception for pain relief.

So 2 years later after having the scan and proceeding with the Mirena coil insertion (painful and I fainted) I have had the worst pains of my life. It wasn't until after insertion. I found out the Mirena is only meant for women who have had children. At work I'd end up on the floor because the pain down my legs was so bad. My periods didn't go away and in the last 3 months I have had painful abdominal shooting pains, constant nausea, food sensitivities, belly button discharging, more antibiotics another ultrasound and I'm going round in circles.

I am now with a new doctor who I'm seeing for the first time on Monday. I need to push him to refer me to a specialist on the NHS. I want my coil OUT. But after this long rant all I was wondering is .. Is it possible to be put back on the Depo as its the only this that stopped my periods and I was pain free? What other things should I ask my new Doctor as he will probably just be another guy who has no idea about Endo?

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Hi Wendy

The problem with the depot-provera is that it affects your natural oestrogen levels and can reduce bone density. I calculate that you will be around 29 now? and you don't reach your maximum bone density until around 30. You already took it for a long time so personally I wouldn't want to take it again without first having your bone density checked, which your GP should be able to arrange for you in the circumstances.

But it sounds as though you have had endo symptoms for a long time and hormone medications can mask its progression so I think the time has come to find out what the situation is with regard to having potential endo. You will need an early referral to have the mirena removed and it is possible that you might have a condition called adenomyosis that might be causing it to be so painful. Once that has gone I should monitor your symptoms at all times of your cycle and keep a diary. Click on my name and look at my first post about the possible symptoms of endo and the one on Pouch of Douglas endo to see if you identify with the symptoms. I would then suggest you get a referral to an endo specialist centre to find out once and for all what is going on in your pelvis. Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist. I would get yourself clued up about endo and the referral process and discuss all this with your GP on Monday. x

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