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Getting Somewhere!!

Hi Ladies

I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. I had my appointment on Monday with the consultant. He agrees that it sounds like my Endo has returned. My next step is to have an MRI done to look at my original surgery area and to check my ovaries. Then we will meet back up to discuss a 2nd Lap.

I had every intention to go back to work after my appointment on Monday, however, after being prodded, poked and having more bloods done I felt physically sick and very emotional, that I just went home and got back on the couch.

At least now I am getting more support and don't feel like it is just in my head.

Positive feelings all around xx

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That's great hunny, fingers crossed that it will all go lovely and quick,


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Such great news - isn't it a great feeeling. x


It really is, and I want to thank you if it wasn't for your advice on here I probably wouldn't of gone back to the docs in the first place. You truly are a great help within the Endo World x


Believe me the help given on here is a collaborative effort of everyone making contributions that all add up to those eureka moments that we have all searched so long for. Perhaps I just have more time as I am not going through the hell any more that so many of you are. x


Well I know I appreciate it. Its nice to have someone fighting our corner :)


How long is it since you had your last laparoscopy? If you don't mind me asking. Just trying to work out if mine has returned as I'm in pain again.

Glad your getting some where with yours hopefully this means it's going to get better for you xx


Hi Laurakr

I had my dates wrong on my original post when I said 4 years. I had my first lap done in 2012 so it has only been 3 years.

I know that there is no way to say that it will get better because for some it does for others it doesn't. In my case I am planning to try for a baby this year and the pain isn't helping me get there.

If you think it has come back go and see your doctor hun at least just to put your mind at rest.



I've only had my op 6 months ago. I've been back to doctors and they are trying to get my hospital appointment moved forward as it was pushed back. They've said if my pain isn't better by Friday then it's going to be hospital for morphine. Hopefully your pain goes soon and you get to have a baby! Good luck xxx

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