Did anybody else feel like this?

Hey everyone,

I'm just over 7 weeks post op, I haven't even been able to go back to work yet it's feeling like such a struggle. I keep feeling so worn out if I do things and try to live normally. I am in pain still every day some days worse than others and am currently being treated for a uti. Is this still pretty normal this many weeks on? xxx

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  • hi kirsty. I wasnt ready to go back to work for nearly six weeks and even then it was a struggle. it was another couple of months before I started to feel anything like normal. however they do say it should be a gradual improvement. if not it could be a sign of infection etc. it turned out I had an infection. how is your incision area? does it seem to be healing ok?

  • Thank you for replying. My incisions look pretty good ones feeling a bit sore atm but it does look ok. I've felt like I've had some sort of infection for weeks and doctors told me it was normal to feel like that but went back again on Thursday and they found I have a water infection. The problem seems to be the pain in my pelvis it's just not really improving x

  • I had an inkling that something wasnt right pretty much straight away but was told it can take a couple of months for things to settle down. I tried to bare with it but after 3/4 weeks it was obvious that something else was going on. trust your instincts if u dont feel right but more importantly take things easy!!!!

  • Hi Kirstie,

    I had my first lap on 9th March, I was initially told it would take a couple of weeks for me to be back to normal. After two weeks I could barely walk I was in so much pain!! I only went back to work on 5th May and have managed the last month or so but with slightly reduced hours. At one point I thought I was never going to start to feel better, gradually the pain has improved and I am building myself up. Am sure the turning point will come for you soon. I have been told that I am a slow healer which I don't think is uncommon or a surprise with this condition...x

  • Hello Kirstie, they do say that depending on how much they did inside you can affect your recovery period. I went to work after 3 weeks but now 2 months later I've had to leave my job because I've deteriorated drastically. Everyone's healing period is different, and I do think it's normal to feel like that still. If you are still really concerned ring your doctor to arrange another check up to put your mind at ease xx

  • Thank you everyone for replying, it's hard how long it can take but it's really reassuring I'm definitely not alone on this, I'm in so much pain atm but hopefully over the next few days that'll start to improve. I think it always feels a lot longer then what it is too when you're just sitting and waiting to feel a difference. It's definitely helped hearing from you all :) thank you xxx

  • you are not alone hun, I felt like that after my lap end of 2013. unfortunately the lap made no difference and my symptoms have got worse since then and struggling to get any help or advice but it did take me a while to return to some sense of normality after the lap, I thought it would only be couple of weeks but it didn't take longer than that so you need to give yourself time to heal and look after yourself, eat as much fruit and veg and drink lots of water. try some meditation cd's with hot water bottles and resting, I found peppermint tea and hot water bottles and rest helped and distraction if you can even if reading for a bit or telly, it is such a hard slog wit this ruddy illness I know, I was just on phone to hubby saying I was so sick of it all but we have to keep going and support each other on here, xxxx

  • That's true i have found the more I distract myself the easier it is to get on with it most of the time. I rested so much yesterday it has helped.

    The support on here helps so much knowing there's so many people in the same boat :) xxx

  • glad you rested hun and hope the lavender and bath helped, you feeling bit better today/ x

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