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Fallopian Tube Test - Slow Spill

I have fertility issues for the past 3 years. I have undergone blood, urine, harmone tests. All results are normal. My ovulations happen naturally. Then my gynaec advised me to take a laproscopic procedure to check my fallopian tubes flow passage.

After the prodedure, she confirmed me that the fallopian tubes are not blocked but the spill in the fallopian tubes are very slow. It takes time for the dying fluid to come out of the tubes. For this kind of problem, she advised us to go directly for Ivf procedure.

I need advice here, Is this really a fallopian tube blockage isssue?

can't we solve this problem in iui procedure to get conception instead of going for ivf procedure?

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Hi. I was told many years ago that the due took a very long time to drip through my tubes so I should try and get pregnant ASAP. I never did he one pregnant. Eventually my tubes became completely blocked and I needed ivf. If hardly any dye comes through it means hardly anyone semen will get through either so I guess this is why they are suggesting Try ivf as it's unlikely you can get pregnant naturally and only ivf can bypass the tubes, not iui. X


Thanks Miwa for the reply. I'm having my next appointment this wednesday, waiting for the Dr to completely explain about my issues


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