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Hi there looking for some advice i had oophorectomy in 2007 went to theatre for laparoscopy woke up in recovery I had had full section and cyst and my right ovary removed,I fell pregnant months later and and had my beautiful girl.since then my weight has went up and over the last 3 years I have had very heavy abnormal bleeding, clotting back pain abdominal pain pain during sex and unable to concieve and I am exhausted. Had ct last year and never should nothing this bleeding lasting for weeks on end and I am in agony and scared leave house at times incase I need change again. I have been doctor hospital on several occasions bit no one seems interesting in finding out the cause, I am waiting on appointment for gyn again can anyone please share any advice as I'm only 27 and this is effecting me emotionally and physically. Thanks again

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  • Hi - when you had the laparoscopy was the oophorectomy done because of endo and was the cyst an endometrioma caused by endo? If so it sounds as though you weren't treated thoroughly enough and are likely to have further endo that needs removing. Or you may have a condition called adenomyosis, a similar condition inside the uterus. Click on my name and have a look at my first post on endo, the one on Pouch of Douglas endo and the one on adenomyosis to see what symptoms you identify with. I suggest you request a referral to an endo centre for thorough investigations - read my post on how to find one. x

  • Hi I went in with suspected appendicitis and ultra sound should right ovarian cyst went fir keyhole woke in recovery and was told there was complication and they had removed my right ovary and cyst.this is years down line I was never told if they cyst was due to any endo or anything. And I feel like I'm made to think this excruciating pain is in my head and I'm over reacting I've put on so muvh weight. Last March was admitted with severe back and abdominal pain and had been bleeding for like 7 weeks and had to have b12 injection and they tried all these medication norethisterone etc and it calmed down tried pill etc doesn't help now seem to have flaired up again and I feel useless and it's putting a strain on my relationship due to not been able b intimate with my partner I feel really down I feel like doctor etc don't care I'm now on 12 week referal for gyn appointment. Can u have a laparoscopy if overweight.thank u I will have a look at your posts.

  • Hi - I really do feel for you as many women with endo are told it is in their head when this sort of bleeding is not normal and neither is excruciating pain or pain with sex. You definitely need a lap and they will advise whether your weight is an issue. If you do have endo it doesn't help to carry excess weight as fat tissue produces oestrogen and can interfere with your hormones and worsen the symptoms. I really do know how impossible it seems to lose weight when you are in pain and exhausted but I should try and lose what you can before the appointment. If you do have endo be aware that there are specialist centres so if you want a second opinion at any time be sure to request a referral to one. x

  • Thanks I have sent you a private message too. I am trying to loose weight I attend slimming world lost 10lb but then just now my tummy is so bloated weight going up and down a do feel emotionally drained if I'm honest with it all last year my consultant when I was in hospital said she didn't no what was causing bleeding as ultrasound never should anything or ct and that only option was to get an injection to put me into menopause which as u can image at my age I was destrote and I said no as must be other options and was told no

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