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Hi all just want some advise , I was diagnosed with endo Last April after years of misery and being told its all I my head 😈 I'm currently having zoledax implants ( just about to have my 3rd of 6 ) towards the end of the monthly cycle of these implants my pain is back like twice as bad ,first is this normal and second iv been told I may have to undergo a hysterectomy and I'm worried sick about it ,could really do with some advice guys x

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Hi - I assume the Zoladex is wearing off before the next injection is due as everyone's response to it may be different. Was it explained to you why you have been given it? It shuts down the hormones that trigger oestrogen production by the ovaries and since oestrogen feeds endo the theory is that if Zoladex stops pain then it must be due to endo and so stopping your oestrogen production by removing your ovaries will 'cure' your endo. But unfortunately hysterectomy isn't a cure for endometriosis. The most effective treatment is to remove the disease itself. Where was it found and what was done when you had your lap and how old are you? Could you give a description of your pain symptoms and whether it is just at period time.


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