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Pregnancy pain due to Endo?

I had a lap in Jan to treat my endo and im currently 7 weeks pregnant. Ive been having period like pain since 3 days before my period was due and bad bloating. Im under Early Pregnancy Unit and ectopic pregnancy has been ruled out but the pains are getting irritating and very uncomfortable. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Any tips on easing the pain or can anyone share how long it lasted? My next scan is Monday to check for a heartbeat and that everything is ok

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I can't offer any advice but wanted to wish you all the very best for scan. It must be a worrying time and understandably so but try to stay as relaxed as you can - I know that sounds impossible.

I don't have experience of this but can only suggest some relaxation ideas, like taking a relaxing bath, reading a book, watching your fave film curled up on sofa, listening to your fave album or whatever else floats your boat.

I hope you don't find these - obvious - suggestions annoying. hope your pains ease soon. :-)


Thank you, both me and my husband are managing to stay as relaxed as we can at the moment. Im just getting a bit fed up


I had this till 16weeks it's a mix of endo pain and everything stretching for baby. Try to lie straight even though it's built in to curl up it will help things move.

And congratulations on ur fab baby news xx


Thank you dolly26 good to know it goes away. I do keep curling up so will try to stay straight. Thanks for the advice :) x


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