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Hi ladies. Back again got my prostap yesterday 5 days late. The pain is terrible and every time I eat the bowel cramps are shocking. All signed for hysterectomy along with bowel surgeon urgent waiting list 9months. I am dreading the op as 4 years ago I was to have hysterectomy done but during surgery it was abandoned as they couldn't take endo from bowel days later I was rushed to theatre with a haematoma had to have a transfusion. Really bad week this week. I wish the prostap would kick in asap. Sorry xx

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Hi louburns1

Don't be sorry for venting we all need to do it from time to time 😃

I'm so sorry you are going through so much pain I really hope the prostap kicks in soon and you get your surgery double quick so you can get on the road to recovery xxx

All the best xxx


Thank you for your kind words . Its driving me mad. Living alone when your not well is hard. Fingers crossed next couple days it

Will settle. Ta x


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