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Prostap Injection!!

I'll be two weeks post injection tomorrow and apart from one day of cramping last Wednesday, I've felt amazing!! I can't quite believe it, I've had no endo symptoms but no side effect either?! Do I feel blessed or should I brace myself for things to come? I've read some bad stuff about Prostap but I can't believe I'm not suffering anything at all?!


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Hi hun

Wow that is amazing really good news, I'm seeing my consultant on the 15th June and because I'm going to need a hysterectomy at some

Point soon because of my adenomyosis they want me to try prostap.

I like you have heard alot of bad experiences and I'm terrified that they will make me have even more pain than I'm currently experiencing which Is horrendous I'm on morphine daily now.

I pray that I'm like you and my pain goes away, so pleased for you hope it continues keeps your pain away .

Jo xx


I, like you Mummy1982, am in the waiting list for a hysterectomy. I've been told to go on Prostap for the next 3 months to make sure the pain I had been experiencing was from my endo.. (We both knew it was, I've had two laps to remove endo and adhesions already) but I guess it's procedure.. I have been offered this treatment in the

Past, but the thought of a chemical menopause has frightened the hell out of me but I've tried everything else, more a coil, BCP etc to no avail. I can't believe how good I feel, but my consultant did say that the relief should be instant after the injection, I felt awful in the

Morning and by the afternoon i felt amazing! I thought it was like a placebo and it was just me getting worked up and willing it to work so much, but I've had one bad day and that's it!!! No pain, my mood has lifted and I feel great! I'm just wondering if I'm tempting fate by bragging about how well I feel.. I've read some real horror stories about this treatment and I haven't reacted very well to all the other hormone treatment I've been on.. X


Oh hun, that sounds amazing to be pain free, my pain is so bad at the moment that I don't know what to do with myself.

I really am praying that it will give me pain relief without any side effects, I hope it continues to work like this for you hun xx


Hi I have had great relief from prostap over the year's. I am back on it and had a great pain free holiday the first in along time. I hope it continues for you xx


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