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Waiting times


I recently had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. Whilst I was at the early pregnancy centre they diagnosed an endometriosis cyst in my ovary measuring 49mm by 47mm by 36mm and was told that my go would have to refer me back into the system.

Does anyone know is this a large cyst, should I be worried?

Also, does anyone know the approximate timings to be seen for this type of problem? So far it's been 3 weeks and I've not heard anything (not even a confirmation letter that in on the waiting list).

Any advice would be gratefully received,


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I've got one that's 4x4.3cm and I was told they won't do anything til it's to 5cmx5cm if that's any help xx


Ring the hospital and docs to check that you are on referral list, who was they referring you too, and was it go who referred you or hospital



I was told 16 weeks from referral to first appointment at two local hospitals. The choose and book Gynae referral I initially had earlier this year was about 12 weeks wait. I have just been referred for a 2nd opinion at an Endo Centre and the secretary at the GPs took 2 weeks to do the letter and send it over!


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