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Colonoscopy question

Hello people

I am due to have a colonoscopy on weds Just wondered if some one could tell what level of sedation I can ask for...

I am an endo sufferer with multiple adhesions attaching the bowel to various things and am awaiting surgry for this ,but I now have a diagnosis of diverticulr disease and have been referr for a colonoscopy

I am terrified of the pain I could be in during procedure preparing for my multiple surgeries was a walk in the park compared to how I feel about this one!!!

Are you lightly sedated or can you ask for a heavy sedation

Any thoughts would be much appreciated

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Hi mablesky you can opt with or without sedation it just relaxes you its defiantly worth it but everybody's tolerance is different to s3dation


Sorry didn't finish typing. I had a colonoscopy and unfortunately they couldn't carry on as I couldn't tolerate the air they put in as my endometriosis is in between my bowel and pouch of Douglas x


Hi , have as much as you can , I only had gas and air I thought it was going to be that bad. I have a tortious colon, adhesions and endo I was in a lot of pain . Some women are fine though but for me it was very painful. It hurt me from start to finish I came out of there in shock she said that because I had a emerg c section that I had a lot of things stuck together please go for heavy sedation big hugs x


Thankyou for all your replies

I'm really north a baby and have tolerated a lot as we all have but am terrified about this one for some reason

Will ask for as much as I can

Thanks guys


I had a colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago and I didn't even had to ask for sedation, they gave it to me straight away as they knew I have extensive endo, with cysts on both ovaries and two in the womb, also Douglas pouch and all of the adhesions you can think of.

The good thing about the sedation is that it makes you forget what happened. So I have a vague idea of talking loads to the doctor and nurses and they were even laughing but for the life of me I cannot remember what I said, probably something embarrassing!! I also remember taking gas and air but I honestly don't remember the pain, so that's fine.

When I came out of it I was quite groggy for the rest of the day and mainly just slept.

The problem was the day after. Granted, I got my period which always is unbelievably painful (as for the most of us), that on top of the colonoscopy (with all the stretching of the bowel and what not) and the fact that I had 14 random biopsies taken from my colon (my doctor suspects I may have micro-colitis as I have constant diarrhoea) made for a very painful day after the colonoscopy which ended with me maxing my Tramadol, Paracetamol and Naproxen allowance for 24 hours.

So, all of that being said, if I hadn't had the biopsies taken and my period arriving at the same time, I reckon it would have been perfectly tolerable with regular painkillers, so please don't be too scared, it really isn't all that bad, promise!! Make sure you do your bowel prep right or you may have to repeat it (yes, I've done that too!)

Good luck, it's not as bad as it seems :-)



You will only be offered a light sedation I've had about 5 colonoscopy's and I was asleep and knew nothing til in recovery. Try to relax and it's over very quickly.

Don't listen to too many horror stories it will be fine an d by the way I can be aright woose

Good luck pls stay calm it really helps

Persil xxg


Don't worry, they will give you the sedative unless you ask not to have it as I did. I am one of the odd ones who doesn't react well to anaesthesia so chose to stay awake. There were some painful moments but the nurse was wonderful and I got through it fine as being awake I could adjust my position. I also had biopsies taken but no pain the next day. To be honest the bowel prep was worse than the colonoscopy! Make sure you have plenty of moist toilet paper! My husband has colonoscopies yearly due to colitis and the sedative is a dream for him, doesn't remember a thing (although he does say some funny things!) and is right as rain in a couple of hours. You'll be fine xx


Thankyou all so much

I'm determined to remain calm at all times!!!(haha)



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