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Hi ladies

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I was diagnosed with endo metriosis in sep 2011 after years of being told its "normal period pains" Got told i had endo on bowel, bladder and endometrioma on right ovary. Surgeon removed eno on bladder and ovary but left bowel as he didnt want to "make a hole in my bowel". Also had mirena fitted as wasnt planning a baby at that time. Fast to now and been trying for baby since dec 2012.

Went back for 2nd laproscopy on 12th may this year. Found endo hiding behind both ovaries, on abdominal wall, liagaments of womb and near to bowel (found in 2011 lap).

All endo removed except near to bowel. They also put dye in tubes cos of fertility issues. Now found a bicoranate womb. Got a hysterscope booked for july. Wondering why this wasnt picked up at last lap, loads of scans or during c-section on 2002. Im now 41 and worried that any chance of another child are practically Non existant. Anyone else in my situation?

Many thanks ladies

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Hi - a bicornate uterus means it has two 'horns' and two cavities. It would have been impossible to miss this doing a c section! I think you were very lucky to have a child.

To be honest at 41 your chances are relatively low even without endometriosis or this malformation. One thing you could look at is your luteal phase - the period between ovulation and your period when an egg would implant. A lot of women with endo find the length of their cycle reduces and this can severely impact on chances of conception. Click my name and look at my post on monitoring your fertility. I conceived at 40 at the first attempt and had a text book pregnancy. Immediately that my periods started again my cycle reduced from a critical 24 days to just 19 which meant my luteal phase had shot down from ten days to 5. I didn't know the relevance at the time but pregnancy rendered me immediately infertile. I had 3 unsuccessful IVF attempts. I assume your ovaries and tubes are all OK and that the bowel endo is not causing you any pain and has not progressed. The presence of endo tissue won't be helping as it can interfere with hormone balance but I expect they feel that if it is asymptomatic and hasn't grown then it is best left alone. Are you being treated by experts in an endo centre?

I think your uterus condition might make another pregnancy risky. I don't know if there are degrees of how malformed it can be but I should research it well so as to be informed as to risks in attempting another pregnancy. x



Hi Lindle

Ive been using ovulation tests and generally ovulate around day 21 of 28 day cycle.

Ive looked into the bicoranate womb and it does have different degrees - a little dip to full separate wombs. Im guessing thats why im having the hysterscopy. My gynae thinks thats why my son was breech thro all pregnancy. Im being seen by a gynae consultant who has specialities in endo and laproscopy not in endo unit.


Hi again - 7 days luteal phase isn't sufficient to sustain a pregnancy. It needs to be at least 10 days and a long follicular phase indicates that the corpus luteum isn't producing progesterone properly. You need to make sure your consultant knows about it as natural conception is unlikely without help.


Thanks for your help. Ive been making a list of questions for my gynae when i see him next so thats another thing to bring up with him.

Ive got people around me who get pregnant easily telling me- "well you got pregnant before it'll happen again". It gets so damn depressing at times. My current partner has no children and sometimes i feel like ending the relationship so he can have them with somebody else. Sorry to go on.


Sorry it was meant to say corpus luteum - have amended it. We can be made to feel inadequate in so many ways with endo but I do sometimes think we can label ourselves through some ridiculous sense of totally unplaced guilt for something we have absolutely no control of. Your partner must know that at 41 your fertility would be much reduced anyway due to age alone? Another thing you could do whilst you're listing questions is to ask to have tests to check to see how your ovarian reserve is looking - how good your egg supply is likely to be. I am a bit amazed to be honest that they seem to have missed quite a bit with you. If this sort of cycle has been the norm for you it would have been impossible for you to conceive naturally over the last 3 years. How sad that is when they should have asked such a simple question. I assume you could have been trying IVF? But I do hope you things work out x


Only been referred to gynae in 2011 cos of pain. Then was discharged as had mirena and not trying for baby then. Knew it would take a while for period to settle after mirena taken out.

Got referred this time in aug 2014 cos of pain and not catching. They havent really asked about cycle and ovulation. Went to private ivf clinic in jan 2014 haf amf blood test done and they said it was better than what they expect for being 40. Been saving up for ivf since then as not entitled to ivf on nhs x


Good luck!


Thank you Lindle xx


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