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Day 3 post op and crying all the time :-(

Hi I had surgery on Tuesday morning to repair a bowel and bladder prolapse, a complete vaginal vault prolapse and sacro spinous fixation, I was sent home the next day with strict instructions to stay in bed for the next week or so and to limit being upright to only 5 minutes at a time......oh my every time I get up to shuffle to the toilet I'm reduced to tears with the pain down below, my husband had to rescue me out of the toilet last night as I was sobbing uncontrollably with the pain!! I feel a complete wuss because one of the nurses at the hospital told me I should be able to cope with just taking paracetomol because it couldn't hurt that much......so it's made me feel like I'm being silly about it all but I know how painful it is, the pain in my bum where they've sewn the top of the vaginal vault to the sacro spinous nerve is indescribable.

Sorry to moan on about it but I just need to vent it.....I'm sure after a few more days ill start to feel a bit more human, after the other surgeries I've had for endo I thought I'd be in some discomfort but didn't think it'd floor me the way it has :-(

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Hi there, you shouldn't apologise at all. You have been through an awful lot and I don't doubt fir one minute how much pain you are in. Ignore what the ridiculous nurse said! She has no right to say that to you. Even if she had had the same operation (which I doubt) everyone feels pain differently and heals in a different way.

I had a laparascopy and endometriomas and patches of endometriosis removed March, I was told to get back to normal ASAP and expect to be back to work in two weeks. After two weeks I couldn't walk due to the pain! 12 weeks later, I still am recovering...

Do you have anything stronger for the pain you can take? If now, you need to ask for a home visit and get something that can help you reduce the pain. You know how you feel and you are certainly in your rights to have that help.

Really hope you start to feel better soon 😊


Hi , it makes me wonder why some nurses stay in there jobs when they are so desensitised to caring for there patients. I went for a minor throat operation 5 weeks ago and I was given codeine, so please just ignore her comment, I bet she's never had anything like it done to her. Please don't ever ever come on here and think your moaning, we all truly know what it's like to be in pain, chronic, life altering, miserable pain. :-( when I gave birth and was cut down from my vagina to my bum it was the worst pain ever I used to poor warm water in a jug while I was weeing just to take the edge of having a poo well that was agony. And you have had far more to go through than that so please give yourself a brake and vent as much as you want we will always understand big hugs and if you need more pain med phone your docters and make a telephone appointment and tell them how much pain your in big hugs xx


Oh hun.

I'm really sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.

That really is awful treatment by the nurse you have a lot done all in a close area I really can't imagine how bad the pain is for you.

Do you have some stronger painkillers hun? If not I would contact your Dr fie some stronger pain relief.

I hope you start to feel better very soon xx


Thank you ladies, I'm curled up in bed with a hot water bottle on my bum to try and help with the pain, I've got some codeine and naproxen as well which I'm taking, it's all just a bit overwhelming and a lot more painful than I was expecting, I didn't see my doctor after surgery only a junior whose description of the surgery was 'well you can expect it to be very painful you've had a lot of work done down there'!! I know it's only early days so I need to stop pressuring myself into feeling better too soon.

Thank you all for your support



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