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Feeling down and in pain following laparoscopy

Hello all. I'm new to posting on the site but have read a lot of posts from you all.

I had a 2nd laparoscopy a week today to remove endometriosis. I have no clue what stage/degree it was but I do know it was behind my uterus and on both tubes. Right more than left.

Also had a coil fitted (which I feel may be the issue)

I'm in agony! I'm having cramps that feel like Labour pains. But they are really kicking in after 9pm which I can't figure out why they are less severe during day.

I was given no advice as to a follow up or what to do next upon being discharged from hospital. I wasn't in a state to ask questions as I'd being in theatre for 2 hrs and was very much out of it 😖

Anyone had any similar experiences?

I've not even had time to process that I have now being diagnosed with endometriosis... To concerned with this awful pain.

I'm feeling very lost about the whole situation 😢

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Sounds like the coil. I was utterly miserable for the 1st 6 weeks with mine with unbearable pain & cramping. Gyn told me to persevere. I has settled a lot although i still get endo pain. Pain always worse at night as u stop running around. I didnt get a proper nights sleep for the six weeks. Good luck


Have you got effective pain meds?

Pain is worse in the evening/night because you are tired.

It could be the coil or it could be your excision sites - the latter take time to heal (lots of nerves and tissue needs to heal/regenerate)... Or a mix of both.

The coil caused cramping in me - it still does sometimes, but it really started to settle down about 4 months in and the reduction in bleeding has been a welcome relief. Your body is adjusting to the hormone change too from the coil so it may start you on a period earlier or later than normal.


I'm feeling better physically tonight, less cramping. But I've also started what may be a period. The pressure has eased off dramatically.

I'm still feeling low emotionally and my little boy just has so much energy that he wants my attention. I can't blame him, he was between my parents and his dad for 5 days and I hated being away from him.

In regards to follow ups... Do I just assume that's done with it do I need to see someone. Xx


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