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Left ovary stuck

Hi everyone.

I had a lap 4 weeks ago and they found stage 3/4 endometriosis pretty much everywhere. Luckily I didn't have to have anything removed but the gynae said the left ovary is stuck to the pelvic wall.

I have been to a&e twice in the last week with severe lower abdominal pain requiring morphine. I have had 2 ultrasounds and they keep saying they can see the ovary is stuck but other than giving me pain relief no-one is doing anything.

I was wondering if anyone had had any similar experiences and if their gynae had done something about any stuck ovaries?



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Yes! My first gynae (general) unstuck my ovary when diagnosing endo, but didn't tackle or manage the rest at all. You really need to see a specialist when you get to Stage 3/4 as hormone treatments will NOT cure or even help your pain much. Have a look at our member Lindle's feed, which includes a list of proper endo specialists with the skill to properly excise (cut away) the disease from organs.

I've finally just had that done in Bristol and I can't tell you how safe and understood I felt. 6 weeks later - pain free! Sending love xx good luck


As per SarahJanes's response now you have a diagnosis you really need to be referred to a BSGE accredited Edno centre. You can find one at he following website by clicking on the tab labelled "Endometriosis Centres" and then "BSGE Accredited Centres":


Women with servere Edno have the right to be referred to any one of the accredited nationwide centres - it doesn't have to be your local one for reference.

It's a good thing your general gynaecologist didn't touch anything really as unfortunately Edno is very complex and most general gynaecologists simply lack the skills, training and experience to excise Edno thoroughly so can either risk doing more damage or leaving endo in the more difficult spots to do deal leaving the patient still experiencing symptoms.

Best wishes , Jo x


The ovary needs to be freed via surgery. I had my left one freed during my lap.

Your surgeon should be looking to excise your endo and free your ovary... If he/she is not an endo specialist, ask your GP to refer you to your nearest BSGE accredited centre as confusedandworried said.

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Thank you everyone for your help. Do you know how long a referral will take?


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