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Ill x


My name's Becky. Have had endo for about 10 years now. But first time on this site. I have severe endo and PCO and am currently on Zoladex. Had an amazing specialist but he did keep me in dark about severity of my condition but have now moved my condition has got worse and seeing new specialist. The thing is as well as the endo symptoms and pain I am constantly ill with chest infection s, colds etc...... Is anyone like this? One doctor has said it's because my body is constantly fighting the endo that you catch more which I get but just wondering how you all cope. This week I've been quite low xxxxx

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Hi bex79 I am currently awaiting a pelvic ultrasound following a clear pelvic X-ray I had a couple of weeks ago. my GP suspects I have endometriosis. I too have a bad chest and have recurrent thrush. Maybe like you say your body is working overtime! I feel so low sometimes because of the pain I get and wondering what it is. I hope you're ok. It's nice to have company isn't IT. X


Thanks for replying. Yes it nice to have people that understand. I've got to a point where I don't know what feeling fine/normal is. I'm fed up of never feeling well. Good luck with your ultrasound. I didn't think they could detect endo but just cysts and stuff? Xx


I think it's because I'm literally on the first steps to finding out the reason for my pain... X


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