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Experience with Cerelle

Hi guys,

Got a question for you all. My gynae has prescribed Cerelle to help with my symptoms. I admit it's stopped the heavy bleeding, but I'm still getting spotting throughout the month and the pain isn't any better at all. Has anyone else found this? I'm going back to the gynae next month and want to come off the medicine (I have HMS and it's also messing my joints up big time). Problem is she seems to think I'm just being difficult by not getting on with any of the treatments she recommended (I've already had her take the Mirena coil out because that was a total nightmare). It'll be something if I can say it's not just me!

Any help appreciated :)

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Sorry to hear you've not found anything yet to help your symptoms! I had exactly the same problems and my doctors kept telling me to stick it out which I did for nearly a year and nothing changed spotting and pain the whole way through. I asked for the more expensive pill of this which is cerazette and she told me it was exactly the same would make no difference. Well I move house and changed doctors and was prescribed cerazeete here as had never heard of cerelle which i was thankful for and I've had no spotting whilst on this yes I still get pain but nothing like what I was getting on cerelle so they may be the same ingredients but they certainly did different things to me I do believe you get what you pay for! Why don't you ask for cerazette and try that be interesting to see if you are any different on it too. Good luck and hope you find something that works for you soon x


Hi, sorry your having such a bad time. My gynae put me on this pill too, and I was exactly the same! It helped with the heavy bleeding, but my pain was still the same! Through my experience, and I have been on a lot of pills I don't believe any of them work for pain :( I am having the coil next month with lap, hoping it will help. My doc has put me on Loestrin now, hasn't helped with pain, but it has stopped my bleeding between periods.

Hope you feel better soon!



I am on the same and have the same problem, I am bleeding at least a day a week, sometimes not the full day but I'm spotting very regularly and the pain has not changed at all. I have pain daily and its worse if I am bleeding as it always is. Granted its not as painful as a full blown period but it is still bad. I have been advised to possibly try depo as its more progesterone but I'm not sure until I see the nurse again now.

Best wishes x


Its not just you. I have just come off Cerelle because I was getting really painful boobs, spotting for a couple of days every 10 days and tearful all the time. I also had the coil removed because it kept slipping. Another thing I tried was Prostap monthly injections which I think brought on terrible stomach/acid based problems that are still ongoing. Im seeing my gynae doc next month and am pushing for a hysterectomy as I cant think of any other option for me. Don't give up hope, there must be a solution somewhere but you are certainly not on your own


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