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Chest pain!

Hello. Just back from a night in ER after attacks of chest/back pain that were whort but vice-like and very scary. I went to ER, had loads of tests to rule out heart attack and sent home finally. Docs no idea.

I have adeno but surely this cannot be the cause??? Maybe missed endo on diaphragm (lap clear for any endo but wasnt a specialist who did it).

Also, I get teeny dot-like bruises on my belly when I get inflammation anywhere. No docs so far have any idea what they are. They can be very sore at times.

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Hi janeingirona, totally understand the pain!! I have been having very similar symptoms to yours over the past week (see my recent post). I have always had chest pain at the time of my period, but this time was especially excruciating chest pain and breathlessness and while painkillers helped manage the pain a little, the breathlessness hasn't improved :( Had an emergency appointment with the GP especially since the pain was more severe on the left hand side. The GP also suspected diaphragmatic endo, but like you this was investigated during a laparoscopy I had in Feb for recto-vaginal endo and didn't show up on the under-side of the diaphragm at least. But my consultant said she was unable to have a look at the back, and there may be a spot or more there...So next steps are an x-ray and a CT scan, and then possibly an MRI. This would also help rule out any other causes for the pain - I feel 99% sure it is endo-related tho...


Omg I am really hoping I don't have this form of endo as well, as some of the symptoms do sound familiar to me.

How is your endo ??


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