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Feeling blue :-(

Hey. Found this comunity by doing my reserch on endo. I was diagnosed at 20, suffered ever since i was 9 when i started my period. For years suffered with aggonising and embarassing bleeding . For years my doctor told me it wasnt anything, just heavy periods till i finialy got refered to a gyne at 19 . She sent me for the keyhole and the results was endo. Ive had the merina coil , im on my second one now but life cercumstances have changed recently and my mood and feelings arnt the same anymore. Im so morngy and moody i cant believe myself sometimes. I have been feeling and thinking suicidle thoughts and thats not like me. Everythings just going wrong lately and im on the edge and seeking advice on what i should do? Its not fair on me or my family or partner and i dont no who to turn to

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While there are parts of the day or periods of time even weeks/months when symptoms/life is easier there will always be the rock bottom low times as well.

Life is not fair and it is not easy. Every one has there struggles, there ups and downs, with or without Endo.

You say you have noticed you are not feeling yourself. You should try to work out why and what is impacting on your mood. Talk about it, share it and ultimately lift the burden from your shoulders.

Without knowing further details it is difficult to offer any thoughts. I would urge you too share your thoughts with someone in the family, doctor and even with one of us on here. (You can personally message people if you click their name. sometimes it just easier to talk honestly with a complete stranger) EndometriosisUk also has a number of support groups and I have found my local one very beneficial. (http://www.endometriosis-uk.org/find-local-support-group)

What ever your circumstances are take them one at a time. Personally I find that work, relationship strains and stresses tend to impact on endo as well.

Keep your head up, focus on the positives, seek some more support and seek medical advice if your symptoms have changed. Set out to reverse the things that have changed if you can.

While everything may seem to be going wrong at the moment, I hope you will look back on this time and be able to say to yourself "what was I worried about?"

Hope you feel better soon and get back to yourself

Take it easy and take care,

K xo


Thankyou for your kind words this helps me so much! Yes i am going to seek advice from the doctor because my emotions are everywhere at the minuet and im not myself . The new coil ive got in doesent seem to be agreing wit me xx


The mirena played havoc with my emotions for a good 2 months, thankfully it passed. I too felt very very low, incredibly on edge and moody. I really hope you turn a corner soon and things improve. Remember its not you, its a hormonal imbalance. I read a lot about cortisol and it made me feel a lot better. It was like being told its not your fault.

Look after yourself, and I'm sure you will gradually start to feel better. Please see your doc if you feel really low xx


Thankyou so much for your kind words this has helped me out so much. Ive been a lone sufferer for years not knowing anyone who suffers with endo im so glad i found somewhere i can share my feelings xx


Oh Caroline, your having a tough time, it will get better. I honestly felt terrible. I thought everyone would be better off without me, I couldn't concentrate on anything other than how I was feeling. I'm sure you will look back on this time and think god that was bad but it was the mirena not me. Please message me if you want to, don't worry please. Try and have a good day, be kind to yourself, you have a lot to deal with and your body will settle down I'm sure. Lots of love xx


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