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Abdominal wall endo surgery yesterday... Ouch!!

Hi everyone, well yesterday I had surgery to remove the endo mass in my abdominal mass. It was performed through my previous c scar which was just more than half opened and repositioned. When I came round in recovery, I was in a lot of pain and shaking like a leaf. was given lots of pain meds, I.v drips and also had to receive large amounts of oxygen on 2 seperate occasions as my breathing was all weird and levels were very low. Because it took me longer to properly come round in recovery, by the time I was moved round to the ward, the surgeon was away and so I don't really know anything about the actual surgery! And seeing as my follow up isn't for another 6 weeks, I think I will call his secretary at the end of the week to get some info or I might just go mad wondering!!!!. Feeling very sore, tender and swollen but hopeful that once I've recovered, I won't be in as much pain as I was before xx

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You poor thing I know exactly how you feel my surgery wasn't any where near yours. I had a hysteroscopy with biopsy and a diagnostic Laproscopy to find out why I have been getting severe pelvic pain and abdomen pain on Friday and was told very briefly on my consultant gynie's round that I had severe stage 4 endo and it had attached itself to bowel, bladder and other reproductive organs...I also had an 8cm endometrioma cyst and smaller endometrioma cysts and a largish fibroid the cysts were drained not taken out same as fibroid summat to do I recall that the endo was so bad in order to do this...I don't know exactly what the findings are. I have a post op appointment arranged on 2nd June to discuss findings and what to do next...he mentioned that a hysterectomy was in order... how long were you in surgery for to remove the endo? was this done in an specialist endo clinic? Hope you feel a little better I so feel your pain...sending get well wishes xx


U poor thing! I had a lap last year but the gynae didn't remove anything, was told there was too many adhesions! He never even checked my bowel and bladder and my new surgeon thinks I have it def on my bladder so will have to have another lap once I've healed from this op 😡 I was in theatre for a couple of hours and in recovery for another 2/3 coz of the complications. Feeling much worse today but just hoping they have done enough to alleviate my pain from the lump that was removed from my stomach! My surgery wasn't in endo centre, was in local hospital, wish I had known about these specialist centres years ago! When I asked my gp about being referred, she feigned ignorance and said she knew nothing about it! I've had nothing but problems with her and will b changing docs pronto!!!!!! When was ur lap done?xx


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