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Fibroids or Adenomyosis? ?

In November I had an ultrasound scan which showed probable endometriosis (my ovaries look to be stuck together and there are several cysts) and two sizeable fibroids (one 8cm and another 6.5cm). I am booked in for an exploratory laparoscopy and possible diathermy (although that's another story!) in June.

More recently I had a consultation with a private consultant who gave me a very thorough examination and told me my womb measured that of an 18-20 week pregnancy.

Could this be due to the fibroids? I'm so worried that this is a possible sign of adenomyosis but any Internet searches show that bothered fibroids and adeno have similar symptoms - most of which I have. Trying to conceive and concerned that adeno will put an end to any hope of pregnancy even after IVF.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Xx

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Hi. I had an ultrasound and it showed a 'bulky cervix'. I had a exploratory lap 3 weeks ago and know I have endometriosis but I have my full results on Wednesday. I don't know whether my bulky cervix will be adenomyosis and I'm also worried about not being able to have children in the future because of this. I have read a few posts on here and on other sites that women who have endo and adeno and have still had children with no issues so that gives me hope! Sorry I cant be of any more help X


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