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Pain after having prostap injection

Hi,I had the prostap injection on 27th April.I was told within 10 days the pain should start to subside from my endo and adenmyotis yet it still hasnt if anything it is worse than before i had the injection.I have been off work since Jan 15 and still currently on sick my sick note runs out on the 13th May.I am awaiting a hysterectomy which could take upto 8 months do you think that the pain will subside when i have my next injection on the 1st June.Do any1 think i should stay on the sick until my next injection as if i return to work i will be on a formal stage of sickness please help i feel i am in a catch 22 situation here.Thanks

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Hi - prostap works by shutting down the production of the pituitary hormones that instruct your ovaries to produce oestrogen. So in turn the aim is to shut down oestrogen production by the ovaries. But in order to achieve this the pituitary is over stimulated before the hormones shut down and during this time you will actually produce more oestrogen so can expect your symptoms to be worse. This is called the 'flare effect' and usually lasts around 3 weeks or so. After then things should settle down. But you should be careful to monitor your symptoms on prostap as it is a serious medication and doesn't suit some people. Be careful to look at the leaflet you should have been given and be sure to report any neurological symptoms as that would suggest you should stop. Also you should be taking some add back therapy such as livial to prevent bone loss.

It isn't always effective and depends on the stage of endo. For example severe rectovaginal endo is less likely to respond than mild endo as the pain can be caused in ways than those involving oestrogen. Can you give some history, how old are you and why you are having a hysterectomy? x


Thanks Lindle. I have read the leaflet several times now.I am taking livial alongside the injections.I am a 44 year old lady who have suffered since the age of 11 with stomach problems.I had my gallbladder out at the age of 21 then i got sterilized at the age of 27 after my family was complete.A few years after being sterilized I went back in for investigations via keyhole surgery and they found adhesion and my fallopian tube was stuck to the wall of my stomach.I am having a hysterectomy due to me having adeno and endo as there is family history of ovarian cancer and stomach cancer.Hopefully my gyne will be able to do the op through keyhole. Thanks Sharon


Hi Sharon - it sounds as though you are having the right treatment so just keep your eye on the prostap symptoms x

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Thank you xx


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