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Acne cream

Hi ladies!

Not a question but I've been having trouble with extra hair growth and acne on my face, neck and chest.

My doctor has prescribed me Duac and after a fortnight my acne has almost completely gone!

Highly recommended for anyone else suffering. My GP's really good and he doesn't trust the pills because it's trying to manipulate your hormones even more.

Now if only I could get over my pains.

Small victories!

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Thank u for this Hun. My skin is bad at the mo because I'm off the pill TTC. Not normally one to suffer with bad skin but seems to have flared up x


Iv been on morphine lately and my skin has become so itchy and dry! Sounds like good stuff


It is! So surprised. I don't need moisturiser either with this stuff.


Thank you for posting I have suffered for years with my skin and will give anything a try! X


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