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MEDIA INQUIRY to speak to woman with endo


Hi all,

I've been in contact with Endometriosis UK in the hope to speak to someone aged in the 20s preferably for a short interview to form part of a group of case studies for my final project for my journalism masters course at City University, and was suggested to contact women on here. I'm writing a 5,000 feature on how periods/endo/fibroids etc affect women professionally, emotionally etc. Several women's consumer magazines are interested in this subject.

I'd love to speak to someone in the 20s who has suffered from endo and has potentially had to take time off work/leave work/had their career goals affected by endo and its symptoms.

I understand how hard it must be to talk about endo so I'd really appreciate anyone giving up their time to speak to me. It's a subject that I really think needs to be spoken more openly about and highlighted in society.

My email is Katharine.O'

Many thanks

Katie O'Malley

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Hi Katie, I'm happy to answer some questions. I'm 27 this month, had a laprascopy afew months ago & was diagnosed with grade 3 endo.

Laura x

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Hi Laura,

Thanks so much for getting in touch, I really appreciate it.

As I have said, I'm writing a 5,000 word article for my Final Project about menstrual issues have affected women's careers.

If you could answer the following questions and give as long/as detailed answers as possible, it would be much appreciated. Also, if you could send a photograph of yourself (without filters) that would be amazing. It's just to put alongside your case history for the project.

1. Full name, job title, where you live (manchester/leeds etc)

2. Have you always had heavy/painful periods? Describe your condition over the years.

4. How has it affected your career? And your social life?

5. What careers have you had over the years and how have they been affected?

6. When your periods have been at their worst, how has this affected your job?

7. How have you told your co-workers/managers about your problems?

8. Have you had to take off extra time off work? If so, how have you gone about doing this and how have your bosses been with this?

9. Could you explain your condition- grade 3 endo.

10. How has it affected you progressing in your job?

11. How do you manage your endo now? Medication?

12. Do you think it would be hard getting other jobs due to your sickness record/other reasons?

13. Do you think there is a taboo/stigma attached to menstruation- if so, please explain.

14. Have you ever lied about the real reason you're off work- why would you lie/not lie?

15. Do you think society needs to be more open about menstruation?

16. Do you think other women aren't as sympathetic as they could be because they think everyone's menstrual issues should be dealt with the same and there's a 'get on with it' attitude? Explain.

17. What are your career aspirations and how do you see your endo affecting them?

18. Any other information you'd be willing to provide would be great.

Thanks so much for offering to help with this study. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me your story. If there are any follow-up questions needed just to clarify bits of your answers, I'll let you know :)

Katie x

Hi :) I'm happy to answer questions. I'm 20, and was diagnosed in March after a laparoscopy x

Hi Katie, I'm 25, diagnosed in 2010 after an 11 year battle with GP's. 2 ablation laparoscopies followed by Total Pelvic Peritoneal Excision.

Recently had to take a lot of time off work and had this disease impact progression in my job. Would be more than happy to give some time & talk. X

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Hope you're well.

Just wondering how you found the questions I sent over the other day?


Katie x

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Hi Katie,

I've only just been able to read my emails, will be responding to the questions very soon


Lizzie x

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Thanks so much xx



Thanks so much for getting in touch. It would be great to speak to you!

How is best to contact you?

I must also add that for the project, I have to include a small head shot of the person (for the case history) along side their piece, if that would be okay with you? It's just to put a face to the story, and just needs to be a Facebook picture or something, if that's okay?

Many thanks


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Hi Katie,

I need to be careful with what I say, due to my employment however can answer questions via email. Will private message you my contact details very soon and will also enclose a photo.

Look forward to hearing from you.


I'm in my forties but I can remember VERY CLEARLY how it affected me in my twenties if that helps?! I had to take time off every month. I was a nurse and had to have a meeting with occ health to "discuss" my regular sickness. It was agreed that I wouldn't have to do many nights but there was a complete lack of sympathy at the time. I can remember doing a drug round with another nurse and having to keep leaving to go to the toilet with diarrhoea (about 20 times) and her tutting at me and getting annoyed. I then planned my annual leave around my cylcle and took the pill tricyclycally so that I would only have a period about 4 times a year. Endo really affected my sickness record and I did feel that I had to justify it everytime I went for a new job.

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