Lovely receptionists

Wow, ive just phoned the hospital to chase my appointment, and whilst no information was available regarding dates, apart from, ive got to be in by 1st August due to guide lines, just had a great chat with lady who like me had ENdo and adeno, and had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, she said it was the best thing that ever happened to her, and has never had any issues with Endo since either, how great is that, I'm feeling really upbeat about the op now, and aswell as that she said she will put me done for cancellation and make everyone in office aware of me, so gingers crossed,


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Such good news x

Oh hun, that's really good news, it's so nice hear thay someone is feeling great because of having a hysterectomy, I can't wait to have it done I want so to be pain free x


Aww wow, it's lovely to hear that x

thanks ladies, its nice to talk to a lovely receptionist in the first place but then to be able to talk about it personally was great, and you never know, she might be able to get me in sooner just because she really understands what im going through

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